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IGK Group offers the full range
of credit risk management services
in all countries of the world
with a particular focus on
Central Europe, Russia, and other CIS countries,
Ukraine, Baltics, etc.


IGK Credit management professionals
  • Credit information
  • Debt collection (amicable/legal)
  • Credit risk insurance broker service

IGK since 1990 is known for its professional and high quality services.

Why us?

Our reputation is your guarantee
IGK was founded in 1990 and its brand has proven itself in the markets of Western Europe, Asia, USA and Russia. Our services are approved by our long term partners – the leading world credit insurers (Sinosure, K-Sure, Hermes AG, Atradius, Euler Hermes, Credendo Group, etc.).

Our highly skilled staff in 12 own offices (7 offices in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tambov, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Perm) and more than 50 reliable partners worldwide provide you with the information you need, according to the international standards. IGK AG, a German company, is the main shareholder of all IGK companies. The central administrative & operations office of the group is located in Latvia, Riga.

Knowledge. Experience. Methodology.
As the most experienced and technologically advanced company in our field with more than 130 employees worldwide we ensure the high-level of the provided services.

Through 1993-2007 years IGK had been in a joint-venture with Coface Group. In 2007 IGK had separated from Coface Group and became one of the leaders in credit management market.

About IGK stucture

IGK Group credit risk management services
IGK Group – Credit risk management. IGK AG subsidiaries operate in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
and Russia: in Moscow, St-Petersburg, Samara, Tambov, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Perm.

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