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Ukraine News
May 2022
Country review IGK webinar with FEBIS members - about current situation in Ukraine
Russian Federation News
Ukraine News
Russian Federation News
Russian Federation News
Ukraine News
February 2022
The delegation of our company is on its way to Tambov, Russia in order to participate in the directory`s meeting of IGK.
February 2022
#IGK AML Monitoring
January 2022
IGK in Kazakhstan
November 2021 / Case of the month
Debt amount: 50000 EUR
Debtor: large construction company, didn't pay the debt for 2 years
13, 20, 27 of October 2021
The cycle of international webinars #IGK
14th of October, 2021
ONLINE Meeting of FaroSol members
August 2021 / Tambov, Russia
Our office in #Tambov, Russia, celebrated its 15th anniversary recently!
2nd of August 2021
Case of the month
14th-28th of July, 2021
The cycle of IGK webinars
9th of June 2021
IGK International webinar
13th of May, 2021
ONLINE Meeting of FaroSol members
28th of April, 2021
Credit information Webinar IGK
21st-22nd of April
FEBIS Spring meeting 2021
19th of March, 2021
Online meeting with colleagues from Atradius, Moscow, Russia
February 2021
Directory meeting of IGK Group online
Riga, February 4th, 2021
The unified standard for the IGK credit reports
Riga, September 18th, 2020
Webinar "Business in China" for the clients of #IGK
24th of September, 2020 / Riga
Meeting of Farosol members
July 22nd, 2020 / Riga
Webinar "Business in China" for the clients of #IGK
February 19th-21st, 2020 / Tambov, Russia
Another IGK directory's meeting has passed
February 10th-12th, 2020 / Almaty, Kazakhstan
Visit to Almaty, Kazakhstan
February 3rd-4th, 2020 / Kiev, Ukraine
Visit of IGK holding company to Kiev
31st of January 2020 / Moscow
AHK-Russland member`s meeting
14th of December 2019 / Riga
Christmas party and New Year 2020
November 6th-8th, 2019, Riga
International credit risk seminar
10th of October, 2019, Geneva, Switzerland
IGK Broker participated in the seminar "Global Geopolitical Reset?"
30th of September-2nd of October 2019, Oman
10th Meeting of AMAN Union
25-27th of September 2019, Lisbon
2 events: EOS Global Collection Partner Conference & the congress of FENCA - the Federation of European National Collection Associations
20th of September 2019, Cologne
25th Anniversary of GFK
4th-7th of July 2019, Tambov, Russia
IGK celebrated the 12th anniversary of office in Tambov
15th-17th May 2019, Riga
#IGK International Credit Risk Seminar
8th-9th of May 2019, Riga
FEBIS Spring meeting
1st of May 2019 Jurmala, Latvia
Labour day
24th of April, 2019, Denmark, Copenhagen
Meeting IGK management with Atradius Collections Holding
22nd of April 201, Moscow
Meeting of IGK Moscow office colleagues with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)
1st-3rd of April 2019, Beijing & Seoul
IGK AG management visited clients and partners (Beijing, People`s Republic of China, and Seoul, South Korea)
1st-3rd of April 2019, Hamburg
Cross-border Operations Workshop
26th of March 2019
Meeting with the official representative of the China export & credit insurance corporation Sinosure in Russia
21st-22nd of February, 2019
Directory Meeting of IGK Group
15th of February 2019
IGK Team building event
15th of December, 2018
New Year and Christmas party
22 of November 2018, Moscow
Meeting of IGK AG management with the head of cooperation department of the German-Russian Trade Chamber Mrs. Kristine Frank
14-16 of November 2018
The IGK International Credit Risk Seminar 2018
29 of October 2018
Meeting of IGK AG management with the representatives of Sinosure Corporation – Mr. He Shenyuan and Mr. Wu Shaolin
24-26 of October 2018
25th congress in Strasbourg, France
EOS Global Collection Partner Conference in Strasbourg
11-13 of September 2018
The participation in Shared Services and Outsourcing Week, Europe 2018 – The Autumn Edition
12-14 of June 2018
Global sales workshop in Budapest
29 of May 2018
"Russia and China – the quality of goods, international standards, convergence of the quality standards of the two states", Moscow
9-11 of May 2018
6th Farosol international Conference
18 of April 2018
The event for Atradius Rus Credit Insurance brokers in Moscow, Russia
29 of March 2018
Meeting of IGK AG management with the General Secretary of the Association of Russian and Turkish entrepreneurs
15 of March 2018
"Sugar market of CIS countries 2018", Moscow
07 of March 2018
The representatives of the Korean Trade Insurance Corporation (KSURE) have visited IGK office in Riga
06 of March 2018
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and IGK meeting
05 of March 2018
Meeting in Moscow representative office IGK head officers and the representative of CHINA EXPORT & CREDIT INSURANCE CORPORATION European division.
28 of February 2018
The 2nd expert discussion of the Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations (SPFO)
22-23 of February 2018
The directory meeting of IGK Group has been taken place
01 of February 2018
The representatives of EOS Holding visit IGK office in Moscow, Russia
9-10 of December 2018
IGK Corporate New Year celebration in Lithuania
06 of December 2017
IGK seminar "Non-payment risk management in Russia and CIS" Moscow,Russia
12-17 of November 2017
IGK visit to the Asian region
31 of October - 02 of November 2017
AMAN UNION 8th Annual Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey
25 of October 2017
Atradius Nordic-Baltic Broker Conference in Stockholm
11-13 of October 2017
Annual International Farosol Brokers conference
04 of July 2017
The New Layout of IGK Credit Report
14-16 of June 2017
Global sales workshop in Hamburg
05 of June 2017
Industry Overviews for Russia
23-24 of February 2017
The directory meeting of IGK Group has been taken place
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