Credit insurance —
contribution to the security
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Credit Risk insurance

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Credit Risk Insurance gives an opportunity to secure your business from the unforeseen bankruptcy of the buyer or long term protracted default

Trade credit insurance is important for companies who sell goods/services on deferred payment terms. When selling goods on credit, there always exists a risk that the buyer might not fulfill payment obligations. Such risks are covered by trade credit insurance (TCI).

The insured event in credit risk insurance is:
  • bankruptcy of the buyer
  • protracted default (long-term non-payment)
The insured company gains the following competitive advantages:
  • ability to offer deferred payment terms to the buyers
  • ability to prolong deferred payment terms
  • professional risk estimation and check-up of the buyers
  • confidence to start working on new markets and with new buyers

Why IGK Broker?

Specializes solely in credit risk insurance:
  • IGK employees have long experience in credit risk insurance (since 1990)
  • Collaborate with all credit risk insurers
  • IGK Broker is a part of IGK Group that provides debt collection and credit reporting service in CIS, Baltics, Central Europe and other countries
  • Broker negotiates with all insurers on behalf of the client and serves the client’s interest
  • Broker makes a tender (competition) between insurers
  • You do not pay for Broker service. It is paid by an insurer

What does IGK Broker do?

Helps to get the most appropriate offer for your business:
  • Helps to fill in the application form in order to get insurance offers
  • Gets offers from all credit risk insurers in the market
  • Compares offers, analyses insurance agreements
  • Consults on choosing an offer
  • Assists in increasing limits acceptance
  • Negotiates with the chosen insurer on finalizing credit risk insurance agreement conditions
  • Assists to prepare all documents necessary for signing an insurance contract
  • Instructs your employees on TCI procedures
  • Can find a non-standard solution for your business
Support all insurance year long
  1. Assistance on credit limits
    – assistance on filing new debtors for checkup,
    – assistance on filing a higher limit request,
    – provision of additional information for limits reassessment
    (in case if the accepted limit is not sufficient or if the insurer has decreased/cancelled a limit)
  2. Assistance in preparing documents needed for claim payment
  3. Assistance in negotiations with the insurer for policy prolongation or negotiations with all players in order to change the current insurer
Broker companies of IGK Group:
IGK Broker SIA – specialized broker for Trade Credit Insurance licensed in EU.
IGK Insurance Broker OOO – the first specialized broker for Trade Credit Insurance since 2006 in Russia. Cooperation with all credit insurers in Russian market.

IGK is a partner of the leading credit insurance companies
Sinosure, K-Sure, Credendo Group, Atradius, Coface, Euler Hermes, etc.
IGK Group credit risk management services
IGK Group – Credit risk management. IGK AG subsidiaries operate in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
and Russia: in Moscow, St-Petersburg, Samara, Tambov, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Perm.

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