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Debt collection

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Why us?

Fair Approach
Our fees on pre-legal collection are charged on the cost-effective principle of No Collection No Fee, there are no registration fees or hidden charges.

Unique Tool – Credit Limit Cancellation
We have the ability to influence on debtor’s future business that none of other collection agencies have. Notice of actual debt presence and ‘No credit term to be granted’ & Credit limit ‘0’ is to be assigned to the debtor and this information is provided to the 85% of the credit insurance companies & banking institutions market and big to small businesses in multiple countries worldwide, which makes it hard for the debtor to buy goods or obtain services on a deferred payment basis, or get any bank financing.

Strong Negotiation Skills
The collection procedure is performed through the well-known actions: phone calls, letters, e-mails, and, by extra request, meetings with the debtor, visits to the address / address trace. However, the quality of these actions and the trained and well-organized staff is what really matters and makes the usual tools showing great results.

Local Presence
IGK collection team members that are located at the debtor’s place of residence speak the local language and belong to the local society, which is possible due to IGK broad local offices network presence.

Detective Approach
The trace of the company, which might be a challenge too, is being performed by the employees trained by the credit information & investigation department, which allows us reducing a number of non-traced companies to a minimum. The use of the background information gathered by IGK as an information agency helps providing a unique overview of the debtor’s situation that helps choosing the right approach.

You can collect yourself? Yes, for sure, but it is not your main business line, it’s ours.
We work with debtors every day, so let us help you to have faster and better results and save your money and time.

Out of court collection takes 3 to 6 months in average, but as it is our money and time invested, we are just as determined as you to have fastest possible result. Want a consultation on your case (debtor)? Please inform.


  • Case legal assessment by a lawyer;
  • ‘All-inclusive’ legal collection (court procedure, enforcement procedure);
  • Fast track court proceedings;
  • Legal assistance in credit claim submission (bankruptcy, liquidation, reorganization procedures);
  • Various legal assistance (draft contract pre-check, legal consultation on future business etc.);
  • Legal assistance during amicable stage (drafting of amendments, addendums, debt acknowledgements, payment schedule agreements etc.);
  • Signing promissory notes with debtors;
  • Lawyer’s warning letters (bankruptcy warning, pre-legal warning)

Why us?

Free of Charge Preliminary Check
Before offering to proceed with a lawsuit, we make a free of charge preliminary legal assessment of the case and we carefully evaluate both the chances to win the court and the chances to actually recover the money afterwards.

Debtor Solvency Check
The client may be offered ordering a credit information report on the debtor which would help analyzing all the necessary information regarding debtor’s current overall and financial state to avoid wasting money on ineffective actions.

Fixed Charge
Along with the thorough case legal examination the client is being given the complete estimate of legal costs including all possible charges during the procedure, so the client can make a weighted decision and be sure the overall costs won’t exceed the calculated amount.

Focus on International Deals
Our team of lawyers has solid experience in international deals and knows all the ways to help international clients with their claims and avoid problems with documents, time lines, and necessary arrangements.

Experience, Success and Accuracy
We have broad experience in courts and we are successful. But we haven’t got used to it and we take every new case just as seriously and we make sure all is done correctly, cleverly and on time. We also care that our clients are duly informed on case progress.

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