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Bankruptcy Probability

The ‘Express Check of Bankruptcy Probability’ promotional offer

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#IGK automated solution
with the use of machine learning algorithms - INN

You can enter up to 5 company registration numbers and within 3 days we will send the results of the express check of the bankruptcy probability for those to your email.

The ‘Express Check of Bankruptcy Probability’ promotional offer.

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What is it?

The ‘Express Check of Bankruptcy Probability’ is an automated solution developed by IGK Group with the use of machine learning algorithms to be used to anticipate the possible bankruptcy of your customers and partners.

The input data used in the process of machine learning where the main figures of the company’s official accounting statements for the previous periods, as well as a list of companies with an official notification of the beginning of the bankruptcy procedure published in the source stipulated by law.

The best results were obtained with the help of a multilayer neural network of a certain architecture, and also by the boosting of the weaker forecasting algorithms.

In order to test the algorithms obtained as a result of the training, randomized samples were taken from the companies of the industry that have the main activity defined by OKVED (Russian Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities) 46.90 and who have submitted their financial statements for the year 2016 to the Russian Federal State Statistics Service. The analyzed data were the figures from the form 1 (balance sheet) and form 2 (Profit and Loss Account).

At the moment the probability of default has an accuracy of 84%. In addition to that, there was also the machine learning performed based on the evolution of the financial data of several years where even higher results were obtained (87%).
The check of bankruptcy probability is going to be developed further and we are constantly working to improve the forecasting accuracy with the help of the most advanced algorithms.

How it works?
  1. please register yourself, providing the identification and contact data (in form above), so we could process your request and get in contact with you in case of need.
    Required fields are: name of your company, your name and position held, Your contact phone number, Your email address (the results will be sent here).
  2. please provide the registration numbers (OGRNs) in form above of the companies that you would wish to be checked by us.
  3. you will receive an automated confirmation email informing you that your request is received and is being processed.
  4. within next 72 hours you should receive our email with the results of the check for your requested companies.

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